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Spom (the Apple Spa) is located in a former apple press, preserving some of its original fittings. The magnificent old wood and terracotta building has been restored in the respect of tradition, and it offers naturally an atmosphere conducive to well-being.

We are located in the Pays d’Auge, a very typical district of Normandy between Camembert and Lisieux, a 45 minutes' drive along country roads from Honfleur and Deauville.

You will approach Spom through the apple trees, and discover a beautifully preserved environment overlooking a forest.

Spom is an unusual place, intimate and authentic where we offer you treatments inspired by local terroir products, centerpiecing apples and the oil derived from their seeds.

We use essentially organic products, sourcing them from a few carefully selected brands or from our local producers.

The atmosphere is that of an old Norman house with rustic furniture, but also with modern fabrics and treatment tables chosen on Fair-trade criteria.


Our clients are received with great attention and our priority is to give you the time needed. The range of treatments is broad and inventive, rooted in our terroir. Give a real treat to your body and your senses :

  • Body massages (60 full minutes) from 85 to 90€ with apple seed oil, hot apples or envelopment with a preparation based on fresh fruits, honey and rich farmhouse cream.
  • Back massages (30 full minutes) for 55€ using the same ingredients.
  • Scrubs (30 full minutes) from 50 to 55€ with crushed apple seeds or other apple-based preparations.
  • Body envelopments (40 full minutes) from 55 to 70€ using every resource of the terroir but also the exotic alliance of t chocolate and Calvados.
  • Milk bath for the body (about 30 minutes) for 40€ that combines the perfumes and benefits of the apple.
  • Body scrub with Calvados after a massage; hand or foot care; facial or scalp care; footbath with cider vinegar.

To better enjoy the natural surroundings, we can perform some of these treatments for you in a large tent set amid the apple trees and opening onto our beautiful landscape.